scott harrison commented 6 days ago Hi. I can't see where the accommodation is for this deal. Could you tell me where it is please?
steve andrews commented 6 days ago support Queenstown you must be joking as usual this deal is for Auckland Wellington or Christchurch the rest of nz doesnt exist .that attitude is why I dont have any sympathy for you Steve
Alex from Darp Travels commented 6 days ago Hi Scott,

The accommodation is a guaranteed 4* within CBD of Queenstown.
Alex from Darp Travels commented 6 days ago Hi Steve,

We would have loved to add more airport options but flight schedules are limited from the rest of NZ airport. However, we still do offer from another airport if the flight is available.
[email protected] commented 4 days ago Hi, is it possible to book earlier than four weeks as looking at the 12th March for two nights?
[email protected] commented 4 days ago or the 11Th March for two nights, cheers
[email protected] commented 4 days ago sorry, also what time are the flights from auckland leaving on those days please
Alex from Darp Travels commented 4 days ago Hi [email protected],

Yes, we do have last 4 seat on the 11th March.